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Estero Morua on Wednesday, November 25, 1981

Estero Morua 11/25/1981 1981 LXXXI Wed 25 Nov to 30 Nov GAC JHC From Tucson Jeff Donna John El gato Larry Thurs Tom + Steve came in FROM MY (TC'S) OLD DATABASE: I found this record in the red beach book on march 6, 1998. I wrote: "I saw a Bonaparte's Gull. Life lister for Tom (me).


There are 37 birds in the list below.

1. Bonaparte's Gull,11/25/1981,Estero Morua,I found this record in the red beach book on march 6 1998. I wrote: "I saw a Bonaparte's Gull. Life lister for Tom (me).
2. Northern Harrier,11/25/1981,Estero Morua
3. Swainson's Hawk,11/25/1981,Estero Morua
4. Loggerhead Shrike,11/25/1981,Estero Morua,on road in (and also at the place itself--tc)
5. Common Loon,11/25/1981,Estero Morua,sp.
6. American White Pelican,11/25/1981,Estero Morua,27th white pelicans 50
7. Snowy Egret,11/25/1981,Estero Morua,about 70 snowy egrets in flock
8. Red-breasted Merganser,11/25/1981,Estero Morua
9. Turkey Vulture,11/25/1981,Estero Morua
10. Double-Crested Cormorant,11/25/1981,Estero Morua
11. Great Blue Heron,11/25/1981,Estero Morua
12. Magnificent Frigatebird,11/25/1981,Estero Morua,4 Frigate Birds 28th Nov
13. Surfbird,11/25/1981,Estero Morua
14. Brown Booby,11/25/1981,Estero Morua
15. Snowy Plover,11/25/1981,Estero Morua
16. Heermann's Gull,11/25/1981,Estero Morua
17. Osprey,11/25/1981,Estero Morua
18. Marbled Godwit,11/25/1981,Estero Morua
19. American Kestrel,11/25/1981,Estero Morua
20. American Oystercatcher,11/25/1981,Estero Morua
21. Western Gull,11/25/1981,Estero Morua
22. Herring Gull,11/25/1981,Estero Morua
23. Brown Pelican,11/25/1981,Estero Morua
24. Eared Grebe,11/25/1981,Estero Morua
25. Le Conte's Thrasher,11/25/1981,Estero Morua,Shrikes + Le Conte's Thrasher also on road in.
26. Forster's Tern,11/25/1981,Estero Morua
27. Royal Tern,11/25/1981,Estero Morua,Royal Tern --- this seems to be a race. Quite different from the Florida birds for example. Bill is far too red --- not obviously orange. Wings are too black. When they cry out in high pitched squeaks you know it ain't no Caspian Tern. Most records of Caspian Tern here probably refer to the Royal.
28. Common Raven,11/25/1981,Estero Morua
29. Great-tailed Grackle,11/25/1981,Estero Morua
30. Willet,11/25/1981,Estero Morua
31. Short-billed Dowitcher,11/25/1981,Estero Morua
32. Ruddy Turnstone,11/25/1981,Estero Morua
33. Long-billed Curlew,11/25/1981,Estero Morua
34. Sanderling,11/25/1981,Estero Morua
35. Say's Phoebe,11/25/1981,Estero Morua
36. White-crowned Sparrow,11/25/1981,Estero Morua
37. Savannah Sparrow,11/25/1981,Estero Morua,Big Bill Savanna Sparrow