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Estero Morua on Saturday, December 28, 2002

Estero Morua 12/28/2002 went 28, 29, came back the 30. Typing (loosely) from my beach book notes: I forgot: 1. flashlights 2. rum. Started down at 12:18 and reach Ajo at 2:15. Halfway to Puerto Peņasco at 4:15. We took the new road to Caborca and didn't go through town at all. Bohemia at Vasquez's at Sonoita was seven bucks a six-pack. Spectacular flamin' sunset and clouds anglin' over a steel blue sea. No one here but a couple over across the way. So quiet I can hear my brain hum.



There are 26 birds in the list below.

1. American Kestrel,12/28/2002,Estero Morua
2. American Oystercatcher,12/28/2002,Estero Morua,took great digital photos of these birds
3. Black-bellied Plover,12/28/2002,Estero Morua
4. Brown Booby,12/28/2002,Estero Morua,I have a great movie of this bird diving into the water and flying off.
5. Brown Pelican,12/28/2002,Estero Morua
6. Common Loon,12/28/2002,Estero Morua
7. Double-Crested Cormorant,12/28/2002,Estero Morua
8. Forster's Tern,12/28/2002,Estero Morua,Had black around the eye as is it does in winter plumage.
9. Gambel's Quail,12/28/2002,Estero Morua,In front of the house. A whole bunch. They left little bird tracks.
10. Great Blue Heron,12/28/2002,Estero Morua
11. Great Egret,12/28/2002,Estero Morua
12. Greater Roadrunner,12/28/2002,Estero Morua
13. Loggerhead Shrike,12/28/2002,Estero Morua
14. Long-billed Curlew,12/28/2002,Estero Morua,One behind the house again! Many in the estuary. Very large.
15. Long-billed Dowitcher,12/28/2002,Estero Morua
16. Marbled Godwit,12/28/2002,Estero Morua,I was happy to see this one in the estuary down the road a ways because we saw no Wilson's plovers or ruddy turnstones so at least this was there.
17. Osprey,12/28/2002,Estero Morua
18. Red-breasted Merganser,12/28/2002,Estero Morua,One had an eel in its mouth and a big western gull or California gull was jumping him every time he surfaced with it.
19. Reddish Egret,12/28/2002,Estero Morua,Life lister. He was in the estuary down the road a ways.
20. Say's Phoebe,12/28/2002,Estero Morua
21. Snowy Egret,12/28/2002,Estero Morua
22. Turkey Vulture,12/28/2002,Estero Morua
23. Verdin,12/28/2002,Estero Morua
24. Western Meadowlark,12/28/2002,Estero Morua
25. Whimbrel,12/28/2002,Estero Morua
26. Willet,12/28/2002,Estero Morua,In the estuary.