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Estero Morua on Friday, December 29, 1978

Estero Morua 12/29/1978 XLVII Barry Steve Tom visit Mexico. JHC+GAC Bill + Betsy Wood came down in the rain. Went to Harry and Helga's place to celebrate.


There are 38 birds in the list below.

1. Red Knot,12/29/1978,Estero Morua
2. Dunlin,12/29/1978,Estero Morua
3. Marbled Godwit,12/29/1978,Estero Morua
4. Sanderling,12/29/1978,Estero Morua
5. Willet,12/29/1978,Estero Morua
6. Least Sandpiper,12/29/1978,Estero Morua
7. Western Sandpiper,12/29/1978,Estero Morua
8. Black-bellied Plover,12/29/1978,Estero Morua
9. Snowy Plover,12/29/1978,Estero Morua
10. Double-Crested Cormorant,12/29/1978,Estero Morua
11. Brown Booby,12/29/1978,Estero Morua
12. Brown Pelican,12/29/1978,Estero Morua
13. Heermann's Gull,12/29/1978,Estero Morua
14. Greater Yellowlegs,12/29/1978,Estero Morua
15. Wilson's Plover,12/29/1978,Estero Morua,2
16. Western Gull,12/29/1978,Estero Morua
17. Greater Roadrunner,12/29/1978,Estero Morua
18. Ruddy Turnstone,12/29/1978,Estero Morua
19. Herring Gull,12/29/1978,Estero Morua
20. European Starling,12/29/1978,Estero Morua
21. House Sparrow,12/29/1978,Estero Morua
22. Great-tailed Grackle,12/29/1978,Estero Morua
23. Western Meadowlark,12/29/1978,Estero Morua
24. Belted Kingfisher,12/29/1978,Estero Morua
25. Northern Flicker,12/29/1978,Estero Morua,red-shafted NEW
26. Savannah Sparrow,12/29/1978,Estero Morua
27. White-crowned Sparrow,12/29/1978,Estero Morua
28. Say's Phoebe,12/29/1978,Estero Morua
29. Turkey Vulture,12/29/1978,Estero Morua
30. Caspian Tern,12/29/1978,Estero Morua
31. Bufflehead,12/29/1978,Estero Morua
32. Common Loon,12/29/1978,Estero Morua
33. Forster's Tern,12/29/1978,Estero Morua
34. Common Raven,12/29/1978,Estero Morua
35. Loggerhead Shrike,12/29/1978,Estero Morua
36. Ring-billed Gull,12/29/1978,Estero Morua
37. House Finch,12/29/1978,Estero Morua
38. Osprey,12/29/1978,Estero Morua