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Estero Morua on Saturday, January 12, 1980

Estero Morua 1/12/1980 LVII 12 Jan to Tucson to stay with Jeff. 13 Jan 1980 Sunday to go to the beach via Sells for the first time 28 Jan 80 Monday. Red-tailed hawks and many kestrels on the posts along the road. A pair of beautiful Harris' Hawks soaring and a caracara flapping around Sells. Phainopeplas, Roadrunners and cactus wrens along the road. Here at 4 PM... In Puerto Peņasco 28 Jan = one Frigate Bird!


There are 50 birds in the list below.

1. Osprey,1/12/1980,Estero Morua,Osprey on our pole!!
2. Greater Roadrunner,1/12/1980,Estero Morua,Martes roadrunner on porch accepted Polish sausage.
3. Northern Harrier,1/12/1980,Estero Morua,Miercoles female marsh hawk
4. Sanderling,1/12/1980,Estero Morua,1000's of gulls at sunset. 2 great flocks of sanderlings on the sandbar in estero.
5. Herring Gull,1/12/1980,Estero Morua,S‡bado. We ate at Yeargers' that night. Picnicked on the beach. A herring gull with a broken wing.
6. Bufflehead,1/12/1980,Estero Morua,Domingo walked to beach and estero with Millers. Many bufflheads in gag (? tc)
7. Rough-legged Hawk,1/12/1980,Estero Morua,Domingo. A rough-legged hawk was a first. Male kestrel near.
8. American Kestrel,1/12/1980,Estero Morua,Domingo. A rough-legged hawk was a first. Male kestrel near.
9. Burrowing Owl,1/12/1980,Estero Morua,22 Martes Burrowing owl at night across the road.
10. Prairie Falcon,1/12/1980,Estero Morua,22 martes Burrowing owl at night across the road; 2 marsh hawks over the desert across the estero; a prairie falcon on the power towers.
11. Ferruginous Hawk,1/12/1980,Estero Morua,23 Sunny. There was a ferruginous hawk overhead.
12. Western Sandpiper,1/12/1980,Estero Morua,24 Sunny
13. Ruddy Duck,1/12/1980,Estero Morua,24 sunny. A ruddy duck in the gulf.
14. Green-winged Teal,1/12/1980,Estero Morua,24 sunny. Two green wing teal in estero.
15. Western Meadowlark,1/12/1980,Estero Morua,24 sunny. Meadowlarks and a few RB gulls come around for food The female eating out of hand before we left.
16. Ring-billed Gull,1/12/1980,Estero Morua,24 sunny. Meadowlarks and a few RB gulls come around for food The female eating out of hand before we left.
17. Black-bellied Plover,1/12/1980,Estero Morua
18. Ruddy Turnstone,1/12/1980,Estero Morua
19. Black Turnstone,1/12/1980,Estero Morua
20. Wilson's Plover,1/12/1980,Estero Morua
21. Snowy Plover,1/12/1980,Estero Morua
22. Red-breasted Merganser,1/12/1980,Estero Morua
23. Whimbrel,1/12/1980,Estero Morua
24. Red Knot,1/12/1980,Estero Morua
25. American Avocet,1/12/1980,Estero Morua
26. Long-billed Curlew,1/12/1980,Estero Morua
27. Long-billed Dowitcher,1/12/1980,Estero Morua,One flock of 8.
28. Greater Yellowlegs,1/12/1980,Estero Morua,later
29. Least Sandpiper,1/12/1980,Estero Morua
30. Marbled Godwit,1/12/1980,Estero Morua
31. Great Blue Heron,1/12/1980,Estero Morua,(6)
32. Snowy Egret,1/12/1980,Estero Morua
33. Belted Kingfisher,1/12/1980,Estero Morua
34. Say's Phoebe,1/12/1980,Estero Morua
35. Tree Swallow,1/12/1980,Estero Morua
36. Verdin,1/12/1980,Estero Morua
37. Common Raven,1/12/1980,Estero Morua
38. Cactus Wren,1/12/1980,Estero Morua
39. Rock Wren,1/12/1980,Estero Morua
40. Le Conte's Thrasher,1/12/1980,Estero Morua
41. Curve-billed Thrasher,1/12/1980,Estero Morua
42. Loggerhead Shrike,1/12/1980,Estero Morua
43. European Starling,1/12/1980,Estero Morua
44. House Sparrow,1/12/1980,Estero Morua
45. Great-tailed Grackle,1/12/1980,Estero Morua
46. Savannah Sparrow,1/12/1980,Estero Morua
47. Bonaparte's Gull,1/12/1980,Estero Morua
48. Heermann's Gull,1/12/1980,Estero Morua
49. Western Gull,1/12/1980,Estero Morua,uncommon
50. American Oystercatcher,1/12/1980,Estero Morua