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Estero Morua on Friday, March 5, 1976

Estero Morua 3/5/1976 XVII Viernes cinco seis sábado siete domingo GAC JHC Mary Fred Carolyn Sanborn arrived 7 PM Steak on carbón. (Tom speaking here in 2013: WAS IT THE FIFTH (CINCO?) That's not a Friday (viernes) but a Wednesday. I remember Mom telling me that Fred Sanborn was shocked and looked at the houses in the sand on the way up and said, "I have never seen such poverty." Mom told him the people had enough to eat.


There are 36 birds in the list below.

1. Eared Grebe,3/5/1976,Estero Morua
2. Osprey,3/5/1976,Estero Morua
3. Brown Pelican,3/5/1976,Estero Morua
4. Brown Booby,3/5/1976,Estero Morua
5. Double-Crested Cormorant,3/5/1976,Estero Morua
6. Great Blue Heron,3/5/1976,Estero Morua
7. Red-breasted Merganser,3/5/1976,Estero Morua
8. Surf Scoter,3/5/1976,Estero Morua,?
9. Turkey Vulture,3/5/1976,Estero Morua
10. American Kestrel,3/5/1976,Estero Morua
11. American Oystercatcher,3/5/1976,Estero Morua
12. Snowy Plover,3/5/1976,Estero Morua
13. Wilson's Plover,3/5/1976,Estero Morua
14. Black-bellied Plover,3/5/1976,Estero Morua
15. Surfbird,3/5/1976,Estero Morua
16. Ruddy Turnstone,3/5/1976,Estero Morua
17. Black Turnstone,3/5/1976,Estero Morua
18. Long-billed Curlew,3/5/1976,Estero Morua
19. Whimbrel,3/5/1976,Estero Morua
20. Willet,3/5/1976,Estero Morua
21. Greater Yellowlegs,3/5/1976,Estero Morua
22. Western Sandpiper,3/5/1976,Estero Morua
23. Red Knot,3/5/1976,Estero Morua,Dead
24. Marbled Godwit,3/5/1976,Estero Morua
25. Sanderling,3/5/1976,Estero Morua
26. Herring Gull,3/5/1976,Estero Morua
27. Ring-billed Gull,3/5/1976,Estero Morua
28. Heermann's Gull,3/5/1976,Estero Morua
29. Black-chinned Hummingbird,3/5/1976,Estero Morua
30. Say's Phoebe,3/5/1976,Estero Morua
31. Sage Sparrow,3/5/1976,Estero Morua
32. White-crowned Sparrow,3/5/1976,Estero Morua
33. House Sparrow,3/5/1976,Estero Morua
34. Great-tailed Grackle,3/5/1976,Estero Morua
35. Western Meadowlark,3/5/1976,Estero Morua
36. Loggerhead Shrike,3/5/1976,Estero Morua