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Estero Morua on Thursday, May 27, 1982

Estero Morua 5/27/1982 LXXV 27 May 1982 Mike, Sally JHC, Tom One year after the visit of last year ------- natch!


There are 19 birds in the list below.

1. Brown Pelican,5/27/1982,Estero Morua
2. Great Blue Heron,5/27/1982,Estero Morua
3. Eared Grebe,5/27/1982,Estero Morua,cast up dead eared (2) grebes
4. Snowy Egret,5/27/1982,Estero Morua,4 snowy egrets
5. Black-bellied Plover,5/27/1982,Estero Morua,31st
6. Wilson's Plover,5/27/1982,Estero Morua,at boating point?
7. Willet,5/27/1982,Estero Morua,1 willet
8. Long-billed Curlew,5/27/1982,Estero Morua,3 LB Curlews
9. American Oystercatcher,5/27/1982,Estero Morua,2 oystercatchers
10. Whimbrel,5/27/1982,Estero Morua,3 whimbrels
11. Ring-billed Gull,5/27/1982,Estero Morua,a couple of ring-billed gulls
12. Least Tern,5/27/1982,Estero Morua
13. Royal Tern,5/27/1982,Estero Morua,according to their notes
14. Caspian Tern,5/27/1982,Estero Morua,according to their notes
15. Horned Lark,5/27/1982,Estero Morua,"coming in"
16. Burrowing Owl,5/27/1982,Estero Morua,31st Burrowing owl calling to the non dunes. (?tc)
17. Say's Phoebe,5/27/1982,Estero Morua
18. Northern Fulmar,5/27/1982,Estero Morua,28 V 82 On the beach was a stranded bird which I thought was a gull. I picked him up coming back from running. It was a tube-nosed thing. Whitish -- the size of a ring bill or larger. Yellow beak sections with dark borders pink-gray legs.... (at first I thought it was an immature herring gull) The wings were OK but feathers were shot. 12 white tail feathers (I took it up to home + and fed it fish and cheese.) White head with some spots near the "ears." No special pattern but I think it was a Fulmar -- a new one here. The bird was fairly stubby. Took him back-- He "flew out over the water + appeared on beach an hour later. (GAC writing and I TC remember this weird bird as if it were yesterday.)
19. Osprey,5/27/1982,Estero Morua,31t May AM osprey on dune pole