This is up to date if there is no new bird after bird #169:
169. Black-footed Albatross,4/2/2014,Estero Morua


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1. Brown Pelican,11/28/1974,Estero Morua
2. Great Blue Heron,11/281974,Estero Morua
3. Long-billed Curlew,11/28/1974,Estero Morua
4. Osprey,11/28/1974,Estero Morua
5. Ruddy Turnstone,11/28/1974,Estero Morua
6. Rufous Hummingbird,2/14/1975,Estero Morua
7. Loggerhead Shrike,2/14/1975,Estero Morua
8. American Oystercatcher,2/14/1975,Estero Morua
9. Willet,2/14/1975,Estero Morua
10. Surfbird,2/14/1975,Estero Morua
11. Sanderling,2/14/1975,Estero Morua
12. Common Raven,2/14/1975,Estero Morua
13. Say's Phoebe,2/14/1975,Estero Morua
14. Gambel's Quail,2/14/1975,Estero Morua
15. Caspian Tern,2/14/1975,Estero Morua
16. Herring Gull,2/14/1975,Estero Morua
17. Black-bellied Plover,2/14/1975,Estero Morua
18. Western Meadowlark,2/14/1975,Estero Morua
19. House Finch,2/14/1975,Estero Morua
20. Great-tailed Grackle,2/14/1975,Estero Morua,western sa
21. Western Sandpiper,2/14/1975,Estero Morua
22. Snowy Egret,2/14/1975,Estero Morua
23. Turkey Vulture,2/14/1975,Estero Morua
24. Brown Booby,2/14/1975,Estero Morua,Dead
25. Forster's Tern,2/14/1975,Estero Morua
26. Ring-billed Gull,2/14/1975,Estero Morua
27. Mountain Bluebird,2/14/1975,Estero Morua
28. American Kestrel,2/14/1975,Estero Morua
29. Lark Bunting,2/14/1975,Estero Morua
30. Burrowing Owl,2/14/1975,Estero Morua
31. Snowy Plover,2/14/1975,Estero Morua
32. Dunlin,2/14/1975,Estero Morua
33. Black Turnstone,3/29/1975,Estero Morua,Says March 29
34. Common Tern,3/29/1975,Estero Morua,Common Tern and Elegant T. have very similar cries.
35. Elegant Tern,3/29/1975,Estero Morua,Common Tern and Elegant T. have very similar cries.
36. Eared Grebe,3/29/1975,Estero Morua
37. Heermann's Gull,3/29/1975,Estero Morua
38. Common Loon,3/29/1975,Estero Morua,A loon or two
39. Bullock's Oriole,3/29/1975,Estero Morua
40. Orange-crowned Warbler,3/29/1975,Estero Morua,In dunes near cabin
41. Double-Crested Cormorant,3/29/1975,Estero Morua,Well they just wrote "comorants"
42. Bufflehead,4/4/1975,Estero Morua
43. Common Merganser,4/4/1975,Estero Morua
44. Red-breasted Merganser,4/4/1975,Estero Morua
45. Red-tailed Hawk,4/4/1975,Estero Morua
46. Ferruginous Hawk,4/4/1975,Estero Morua
47. Swainson's Hawk,4/4/1975,Estero Morua
48. Whimbrel,4/4/1975,Estero Morua
49. Marbled Godwit,4/4/1975,Estero Morua
50. Greater Yellowlegs,4/4/1975,Estero Morua
51. Mourning Dove,4/4/1975,Estero Morua
52. Bonaparte's Gull,4/4/1975,Estero Morua
53. Least Tern,4/4/1975,Estero Morua
54. Phainopepla,4/4/1975,Estero Morua
55. Horned Lark,4/4/1975,Estero Morua
56. White-winged Dove,5/1/1975,Estero Morua
57. Wandering Tattler,5/1/1975,Estero Morua
58. Inca Dove,5/1/1975,Estero Morua
59. Wilson's Plover,5/1/1975,Estero Morua
60. House Sparrow,5/1/1975,Estero Morua
61. American Avocet,5/1/1975,Estero Morua
62. Savannah Sparrow,5/1/1975,Estero Morua
63. Spotted Sandpiper,5/17/1975,Estero Morua
64. American Coot,5/17/1975,Estero Morua
65. Great Egret,5/17/1975,Estero Morua,flying over
66. Western Gull,6/7/1975,Estero Morua
67. Long-billed Dowitcher,8/15/1975,Estero Morua
68. Belted Kingfisher,8/29/1975,Estero Morua
69. Barn Swallow,9/18/1975,Estero Morua
70. Rock Wren,9/18/1975,Estero Morua
71. White-crowned Sparrow,10/16/1975,Estero Morua
72. Verdin,10/16/1975,Estero Morua
73. Dark-eyed Junco,10/16/1975,Estero Morua,Grey headed junco (!!)
74. Northern Harrier,11/7/1975,Estero Morua
75. Violet-green Swallow,11/7/1975,Estero Morua
76. European Starling,12/5/1975,Estero Morua
77. Great Horned Owl,2/13/1976,Estero Morua,at dusk on Davis' railing-- then flew up to Whitehead's.
78. Least Sandpiper,2/13/1976,Estero Morua
79. Sage Sparrow,2/13/1976,Estero Morua
80. Surf Scoter,3/5/1976,Estero Morua,?
81. Red Knot,3/5/1976,Estero Morua,Dead
82. Black-chinned Hummingbird,3/5/1976,Estero Morua
83. Surf Bird,3/26/1976,Estero Morua
84. Cliff Swallow,3/26/1976,Estero Morua,a first?
85. Northern Mockingbird,3/26/1976,Estero Morua,near town
86. Northern Shoveler,5/14/1976,Estero Morua
87. California Gull,5/14/1976,Estero Morua,gulls rare!
88. Northern Rough-winged Swallow,5/14/1976,Estero Morua
89. Greater Roadrunner,9/4/1976,Estero Morua
90. Killdeer,11/25/1976,Estero Morua
91. Northern Pintail,11/25/1976,Estero Morua
92. Pectoral Sandpiper,11/25/1976,Estero Morua,Alcock
93. Prairie Falcon,1/13/1977,Estero Morua
94. Semipalmated Plover,1/13/1977,Estero Morua
95. Cinnamon Teal,1/13/1977,Estero Morua,one pair or 2 males
96. Black-throated Sparrow,2/9/1977,Estero Morua,On the porch.
97. Yellow-rumped Warbler,2/9/1977,Estero Morua,called it Audubon's
98. Lesser Yellowlegs,10/14/1977,Estero Morua
99. Lark Sparrow,12/2/1977,Estero Morua
100. Arctic Loon,12/2/1977,Estero Morua,?
101. Sandhill Crane,12/2/1977,Estero Morua,1st time at the beach
102. Curve-billed Thrasher,12/2/1977,Estero Morua
103. Sage Thrasher,2/17/1978,Estero Morua,3 or 4
104. Ruddy Duck,3/26/1978,Estero Morua,one ruddy duck
105. Brewer's Sparrow,3/26/1978,Estero Morua
106. Lesser Nighthawk,5/27/1978,Estero Morua,Texas nighthawk or some goatsucker.
107. Cactus Wren,5/27/1978,Estero Morua
108. Nashville Warbler,9/22/1978,Estero Morua,a warbler all yellow green no wing bars eyering (no bird book here norng) Can't read TC (Probably Nashville Warbler-- a new one here.)
109. Green-winged Teal,9/22/1978,Estero Morua
110. Black-necked Stilt,9/22/1978,Estero Morua,(BN Stilt at short cut)
111. Wilson's Warbler,9/22/1978,Estero Morua
112. Brown-headed Cowbird,9/22/1978,Estero Morua,I put BH even though they only wrote "cowbird."
113. American Pipit,11/3/1978,Estero Morua
114. American White Pelican,11/22/1978,Estero Morua,50 white pelicans "over" old boat
115. Tropical Mockingbird,11/22/1978,Estero Morua
116. Northern Flicker,12/29/1978,Estero Morua,red-shafted NEW
117. Cassin's Kingbird,3/20/1979,Estero Morua,on osprey pole
118. Chipping Sparrow,3/20/1979,Estero Morua,in desert
119. Short-billed Dowitcher,4/6/1979,Estero Morua,They wrote (short bills) after dowitcher.
120. Le Conte's Thrasher,5/24/1979,Estero Morua
121. Common Yellowthroat,8/31/1979,Estero Morua,New one at our house
122. Black Tern,8/31/1979,Estero Morua,immature black terns
123. Black Phoebe,8/31/1979,Estero Morua,sept 2 NEW
124. Tree Swallow,8/31/1979,Estero Morua,We snorkelled (spell?) in estero--the 3rd of Sept especially. Then a flock of Barn Swallows and some Trees (few) showed up all over the place. The treeswallows are new here making it the 127 spp for us from the estuary environs + 2 new species this trip (Yellowthroat + tree swallow). Saw some BB plovers in summer plumage. Checked: there are a half dozen immature Black Terns around.
125. Western Grebe,10/26/1979,Estero Morua,New in estuary 27 Oct '79
126. Royal Tern,11/9/1979,Estero Morua,Caspian??
127. Merlin,11/21/1979,Estero Morua,a sparrow hawk and a falcon--like a merlin?__...
128. Rough-legged Hawk,1/12/1980,Estero Morua,Domingo. A rough-legged hawk was a first. Male kestrel near.
129. Harris's Hawk,2/12/1980,Estero Morua
130. Brewer's Blackbird,4/2/1980,Estero Morua,(New)
131. Laughing Gull,4/2/1980,Estero Morua
132. Green Heron,4/29/1980,Estero Morua,3 May
133. American Merganser,2/13/1981,Estero Morua,Perhaps an Amer. Merganser male 18 Feb
134. White-throated Sparrow,2/13/1981,Estero Morua
135. Black-headed Gull,4/15/1981,Estero Morua
136. Magnificent Frigatebird,11/25/1981,Estero Morua,4 Frigate Birds 28th Nov
137. Northern Fulmar,5/27/1982,Estero Morua,28 V 82 On the beach was a stranded bird which I thought was a gull. I picked him up coming back from running. It was a tube-nosed thing. Whitish -- the size of a ring bill or larger. Yellow beak sections with dark borders pink-gray legs.... (at first I thought it was an immature herring gull) The wings were OK but feathers were shot. 12 white tail feathers (I took it up to home + and fed it fish and cheese.) White head with some spots near the "ears." No special pattern but I think it was a Fulmar -- a new one here. The bird was fairly stubby. Took him back-- He "flew out over the water + appeared on beach an hour later. (GAC writing and I TC remember this weird bird as if it were yesterday.)
138. Blue-footed Booby,4/1/1983,Estero Morua,Blue-footed Booby with broken wing in the gulf.
139. Common Poorwill,4/1/1983,Estero Morua,Poorwill in Davis' storage room. New for here. It flew.
140. Gadwall,4/3/1983,Estero Morua
141. Long-eared Owl,4/3/1983,Estero Morua
142. Lesser Goldfinch,11/23/1983,Estero Morua,Dead dried lesser goldfinch on south porch (greenback) New
143. Common Goldeneye,2/19/1984,Estero Morua
144. Cattle Egret,4/17/1984,Estero Morua,New On beach
145. Vaux's Swift,4/17/1984,Estero Morua,New on beach.
146. Cedar Waxwing,4/17/1984,Estero Morua,We found a thoroughly dry small bird skeleton on the jagged calcareous reefs on or above in the halophytes (?). It was mummified or better completely skeletonized with a few feathers. The AM of April while examining it at coffeetime it was obvious that it was a new one to the playa: Cedar Waxwing.
147. Yellow-legged Gull,6/6/1984,Estero Morua
148. Yellow-footed Gull,11/22/1984,Estero Morua
149. Black Skimmer,3/4/1985,Estero Morua,Circled in red.
150. Common Nighthawk,5/16/1985,Estero Morua,TX Nighthawk
151. Peregrine Falcon,11/26/1985,Estero Morua,"A Big Falcon" so I put peregrine TC
152. Little Blue Heron,11/26/1985,Estero Morua,or Little Blue H. 2 or 3 1st!
153. Rock Dove,3/24/1986,Estero Morua,New to the beach. 143rd sp. on list. See CXV. (2 - flew over house Thursday 27th morning)
154. Western Kingbird,4/5/1986,Estero Morua,estero 7th NEW
155. Yellow-headed Blackbird,4/5/1986,Estero Morua,7th NEW
156. Blue-winged Teal,3/13/1987,Estero Morua,first record
157. Common Snipe,2/2/1988,Estero Morua,First Time
158. Black-crowned Night-Heron,2/2/1988,Estero Morua,Three new birds: snipe bc night-heron  gr egret-- but the gr egret is wrong. I checked; there are lots more sightings before this one--TC.
159. Pied-billed Grebe,3/5/1988,Estero Morua
160. Short-eared Owl,12/30/1988,Estero Morua,Coming in on the 30th there was a new spp. a short-eared owl over the marsh west of Jose's monument.
161. Brant,3/21/1989,Estero Morua,5 on reef
162. Ash-throated Flycatcher,5/19/1998,Estero Morua,I think! This was out back of the dunes where there is some brush and old dead trees.
163. Dusky Flycatcher,5/15/2000,Estero Morua
164. Olive-sided Flycatcher,5/15/2000,Estero Morua,Had the zipper up the middle of the breast.
165. Willow Flycatcher,5/15/2000,Estero Morua
166. Song Sparrow,12/27/2001,Estero Morua
167. Reddish Egret,11/1/2002,Estero Morua
168. Black-throated Gray Warbler,11/29/2003,Estero Morua
169. Black-footed Albatross,4/2/2014,Estero Morua